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The Wrath

2018 / 94m - South Korea
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A somewhat disappointing South-Korean horror flick. They've been producing some solid horror flicks lately, so I had some expectations going in. They weren't really met, as the film is way too preoccupied with the drama and fails whenever it tries to be scary and/or gripping.

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The class/power struggles, the jealousy between concubines and the many hidden secrets within an old South-Korean household feel like tried and tested territory, still director Yoo Young-seon spends way too much time detailing them. The curse put on the family is supposed to streamline the horror elements, but poor editing and crummy sound design get into the way.

The visuals (color and lighting) are pretty slick and the performances are decent. The runtime is perfect too, but the pacing feels sluggish and the film fails to engage on just about every level. It's never tense, never gory, the characters feel flat and the drama is bland. I don't think Young-seon is fit for the horror genre.