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Giant Fish

by Yue Yin
Da Yu
2020 / 94m - China
Romance, Fantasy
Giant Fish poster

Don't get fooled by the poster, this isn't a big fantasy epic. Instead, you should expect a romantic drama with some urban fantasy elements thrown in to make things more interesting. Giant Fish reminded me of the kind of genre films that were made during the '00s, when China's film industry was completely turned upside down and desperately searching for a new identity.

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Yin's direction is a little insecure at times, which is a shame because this film has a lot of potential. The leads do a solid job, the mystery is intriguing and the fantasy elements are executed surprisingly well. There are also several stand-out scenes, but the drama feels a little lost and the romance never quite hits the mark.

Giant Fish is the Chinese indie companion of Children of the Sea. A fine film that has plenty to offer, especially to people who are looking for something a little different, but it's obvious the film's reputation is going to be destroyed by people coming in with the wrong expectations. This film deserves better.