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Death Trance

2005 / 89m - Japan
Action, Fantasy
Death Trance poster

A film that should get a fair chance from all Versus fans out there. You might be put off by its eagerness to show off, but at the same time that's probably the film's biggest strength.

Crazy Samurai Musashi

2020 / 91m - Japan
Crazy Samurai Musashi poster

A 75-minute, one take, no cuts, sword fighting action scene lies at the heart of this film, where Tak Sakaguchi takes on between 400 and 600 (because who's counting) adversaries with only a single sword. This is a film that deliberately seeks out the audience's breaking point, but if you manage to withstand the all-out assault it's an amazing experience. One of a kind, crazy Musashi indeed.


2016 / 115m - Japan
Action, Crime, Drama
Re:Born poster

Re:Born thrives on solid action choreography. There's plenty of it and Tak Sakaguchi is the perfect man for the job. Lacks interesting villains though and whenever people stop killing each other it gets a little bland. Not too long and good fun, but Shimomura can do better.