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Rise of the Machine Girls

Bakuretsu Mashin Shôjo - Bâsuto Mashin Gâru
2019 / 75m - Japan
Horror, Comedy
Rise of the Machine Girls poster

Some 15 years ago, Iguchi's Machine Girl kicked off the whole Sushi Typhoon craze. It's not a film that needed a sequel and Rise of the Machine Girls is mostly one in name only, but since Japanese splatter comedy releases are few and far between these days, I can't say I really mind. This new one isn't up there with the best of them, but it's well entertaining.

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Ami and Yoshie are two young girls putting up action shows in order to support their parents. They work in a slummy neighborhood ruled by Dharma, the leader of an organ trafficking organization. She regularly kidnaps people and harvests them for their organs and limbs. When Yoshie is taken, Ami teams up with a legendary hitman to get her sister back.

The biggest problem I have with this film is that very little has changed since the first one. Yes, the ideas are weird and insane, there is plenty to laugh, and this niche truly is one of a kind. But the performances are still pretty crap, so is the CG. You'd think they'd put a bit more effort into the execution to try and up their game, but alas. Great fun though.