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Tokyo Living Dead Idol

Tôkyô Ribingu Deddo Aidoru
2018 / 83m - Japan
Horror, Action
Tokyo Living Dead Idol poster

The Sushi Typhoon days are long gone. Japanese directors aren't willing to give up on this weird little niche, but with limited talent, lacking budgets and cheap tie-ins it isn't easy to make something substantial. Tokyo Living Dead Idol does its best and it deserves credits for trying, but the execution isn't all that.

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A budding teen idol gets bitten by a zombie. That gives her 72 hours to find a solution, before she turns into a zombie herself. She hires a private detective to help her look for a cure, but all they have to go on is a shady magazine. Meanwhile, she has an army of zombie hunters on her tail.

Don't expect to make much sense out of this film. Everything is played for laughs, director Kumagai's approach is throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. There are some nice ideas here, but the actors are poor, the cinematography looks cheap and the effects are second rate. Makes me yearn for the good old day, but at least there's some solid fun to be had.