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Anoko wa Kizoku
2020 / 124m - Japan
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A minor disappointment. This appeared to be a great drama on paper, the result is a bit more generic than I imagined. The cast surely wasn't the problem, the film didn't look cheap or badly made either, it just lacks anything to set it apart from a slew of other Japanese dramas.

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Hanako grew up in a rich family. When she breaks off the engagement with her fiancé her family tries to set her up with another man, Hanako doesn't really dare to refuse their requests. When she finally finds another man who is suited for her (and stands up to her family's scrutiny), he turns out to be taken.

Kadowaki and Mizuhara do a decent job, the different angles (the city rich and the rural bumpkins) should've been interesting enough and the cinematography certainly isn't bad, there's just nothing that stands out. For a relatively long film with a proper budget in a well-stacked genre, it's not enough.