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Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter Makaryƻdo
1989 / 30m - Japan
Action, Fantasy - Animation
Demon Hunter poster

Anime defaults. 30 minutes isn't a whole lot, it's certainly not enough to cover a demon invasion of our Earthly realm. Demon Hunter doesn't care though. It just condenses everything as much as possible, sticks to cliches to fill in the gaps, and tries to get to the good parts as quickly as feasible. And so you get a film thaw it's just 30 minutes, but covers as much as some other OAVs.

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A young boy walks home at night with his friend. Of course, demons are waiting in the alleyways, hoping to jump and kill the boy, who holds a special place in the conquering of the human world. A new transfer student comes to his aid. She is familiar with the boy and she tries to get close to him afterward after the attack. Not soon after the leader of the demons will reveal itself.

This felt a lot like a simpler, shorter, and cheaper version of 3x3 Eyes. The demons are pretty cool, the art style is decent, it's only the animation that feels a tad shabby in places. The story is clearly rushed, at the same time, which makes it a bit easier to stomach, since it's not covering any new ground. Solid but simple filler in other words.