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Tragic Jungle

Selva TrĂ¡gica
2020 / 96m - Mexico
Drama, Mystery
Tragic Jungle poster

The jungle is a mysterious and adventurous place, one which directors love to exploit. Tragic Jungle isn't the next Fitzcarraldo, it's not quite as epic or grand, instead Olaizola chases a more ethereal and mystical atmosphere. The result is pretty entrancing, if you don't mind the somewhat sluggish pacing.

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Agnes flees into the jungle to escape an arranged marriage. There she bumps into some Mexican laborers, who become infatuated with the woman. They take her hostage, but it doesn't take long before the men start quarreling among each other. The Xtabay, a female demon scouring the jungle, has awakened.

The story may sound like a premise for a horror flick, but Olaizola plays it a lot cooler. Mystery and thriller elements are added to make the trip through the jungle more alluring, limited explanation about the essence of the demon keep the mystery alive. The film is probably a bit too long and could've used some visual touch-ups, other than that a very nice discovery.