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2013 / 87m - Georgia
Drama, War
Tangerines poster

A little Georgian film that caused quite a buzz. Tangerines turned out to be a pretty typical East-European drama, quite low on style, leaning heavily on a central concept and the drama flowing from that. It received high grades everywhere, so it's definitely vibing with a lot of people, just not me.

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Ivo and Margus are two Estonians who didn't flee for the war in Georgia (1990). Margus has a tangerine orchard, Ivo a small wood shop where he makes the crates to transport the tangerines. After a small scuffle near their homes, Margus takes in two wounded soldiers. Though the two soldiers are enemies, Margus forces them to bury the hatchet in return for his care.

Tangerines is not a bad film, it's just a bit uneventful, especially as the concept didn't really appeal to me. The anti-war message isn't very subtle, the conversations between the men not that interesting, and the lack of overt styling didn't do the film any good either. It's a short and gentle drama, but nothing very memorable.