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The Herd

1978 / 129m - Turkey
The Herd poster

Turkish cinema certainly is somewhat of an acquired taste. Revered in its homeland, I've been having quite a bit of trouble getting a feel for it. The older films in particular feel very crude and unpolished, The Herd is a perfect example. At more than two hours long, this wasn't a great watch.

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The film follows a blood feud between two rivaling families. One family has enough and decides to sell their sheep, but they will do so across country, in Ankara. The road there isn't as easy as they imagined, to make things worse their sheep start dying on the journey over there.

If you like landscape photography, then you might get something out of this film, but the poor image quality and the somewhat cheesy shots don't really help. The drama isn't too interesting, the direction is purely functional, and the characters aren't too enjoyable. Not my kind of film.