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Super Me

Qi Huan Zhi Lv
2019 / 102m - China
Fantasy, Mystery
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An interesting mix of styles and genres. Super Me is not the easiest film to coin. It's not unlike some of China's big budget romcoms of the past decade, but with stronger fantasy elements that take the film to darker places. The mix isn't entirely successful, but it does make for an intriguing film that could very well become a niche of its own.

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Sang Yu is a writer who can't put anything on paper and suffers from insomnia. Whenever he falls asleep, a dark figure emerges in his dreams and tries to kill him. A generous street vendor gives Yu some welcome advice and the next time the creatures looms in his dreams, Yu manages to escape, though not without taking something from his dream world into our reality.

The film looks pretty lush, though the green screen usage can still be a bit too apparent. Performances are decent and the mix of romance and fantasy is certainly a lot of fun, though I never felt like both genres reinforced each other. Entertaining blockbuster material from China though, well worth a try.