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The Craft: Legacy

2020 / 97m - USA
Fantasy, Thriller
The Craft: Legacy poster

A remake of The Craft for modern/young audiences. I'm not against the idea, but when you replace most of the witch fun with sobby bisexual coming-out stories and male empowerment warnings, whatever fun there is, quickly evaporates. As such, this was a pretty poor attempt to try and revive the old film.

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Three girls are missing a fourth to create a coven. When Lily arrives in town, they immediately recognize her potential. Lily is somewhat of an outcast and is happy to finally make some friends. As it turns out, she has a talent for witchcraft. The four are finally able to freely apply their powers, but they're not fully aware of the dangers that come with it.

The girls have chemistry and the setup is somewhat promising, but when they finally are able to use their powers the film lacks bite. There's too much bad drama, Duchovny is a terrible miscast and the finale is a pretty big disappointment. This could've been decent fun, sadly, it wasn't.