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2020 / 90m - USA
Drama, Horror
Nocturne poster

A film released under the Amazon Prime/Blumhouse TV label. And that's pretty much what you're getting here. A cheaper-looking Blumhouse production made for a streaming service that feels like the equivalent of old TV filler movies. Maybe it's a way to give a stage to newcomers, but it really needs to be better than this.

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Juliet goes to a respected music school, but she wants to be the very best. She lives for her music and can't stand the fact that the most prestigious school declined her application, nor that her sister seems to be faring better than she is. Things turn around when she finds a notebook of a student who killed herself 2 months before.

Nocturne tries to balance drama and horror, but succeeds at neither. The horror elements aren't that successful, the drama feels lifeless and uninspired. The artsy setting, the pressure to perform, the family quarrels, nothing really impresses. It's not that Quirke didn't try, some scenes are definitely better than others, but on the whole it just wasn't enough.