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Dragon Quest: The Soul Coffin

Xun Long Zhen Hun Guan
2023 / 87m - China
Fantasy, Adventure
Dragon Quest: The Soul Coffin poster

A bit fancier than most streamer releases. Not by much, but the slightly longer runtime, the fancier CG, and the more elaborate set pieces betray the film's loftier ambitions. It's still a pretty standard tomb-raiding adventure flick, there's just more attention to detail and a more polished feel to it.

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A boy manages to escape from a tomb where soul/body replacement ceremonies are being held. Years later, he returns with a band of adventurers who all have their own reason to seek out the tomb. A map guides them to the place they need to be, but once inside, their trust starts to crumble.

Not that the CG is a marvel, but it's clearly better than most of its peers. The cinematography and set designs are nice too, the actors are decent (enough) and the extra 10 minutes of runtime allows for a bit of extra padding that gives the film a bit more weight. Good fun, and better than most of its kind.