Perdida poster


by Alejandro Montiel

Perdida starts off quite well, but devolves into a standard police/investigation thriller real fast. Director Montiel spends too much time on plot and seems to forget that presentation matters. There are some predictable twists at the end and even though I've seen a lot worse, it's just not all that memorable.

Garbage poster


by Qaushiq Mukherjee

No doubt one of India's best kept secrets, Qaushiq Mukherjee is at it again. Garbage is a rough and dark thriller touching upon some very timely issues. Mukherjee shows an entirely different side of Indian cinema and continues to broaden his oeuvre. Not his best film, but definitely worth a gamble.

From Dark poster

From Dark

by Mikio Ohkado

Obscure indie work. The film is pretty bare bones, the black and white photography doesn't really elevate it and the plot is secondary. Even so director Ohkado manages to build up some tension left and right. And it's only 60 minutes long, so even though the pacing is glacial, it doesn't get too stale of boring. Mediocre.

The Night Comes for Us poster

The Night Comes for Us

by Timo Tjahjanto

Brutal and relentless action film. It's obvious that Tjahjanto has his roots in the horror genre, the kills in particular are extraordinarily gruesome, but also very creative. Even so, the editing and soundtrack leave a little to be desired, which means that the film's potential is never fully exploited. Still a pretty cool flick.

Sweetheart Chocolate poster

Sweetheart Chocolate

by Tetsuo Shinohara

A noble attempt, but this Chinese-Japanese co-production never really finds its rhythm. Maybe it's because the romance is rather overstated and cheesy, maybe Shinohara just wasn't the right man for this particular blend of China and Japan. There are some hopeful moments, but overall it's just not that great.

Extraction poster


by Steven C. Miller

A pretty dull and lifeless action flick. The acting is substandard, the action looks stiff and the plot is completely negligible. The only thing that is strangely interesting is the use of color and lighting, but that alone doesn't save this film. Miller is a pretty mediocre director, this film is simply more proof of that.

Tonight She Comes poster

Tonight She Comes

by Matt Stuertz

Tonight She Comes presents itself with a lot bravado, but behind that sliver of a fa├žade hides a painfully amateurish film. I'm still not quite sure whether I just watched a bad horror or a bad comedy. The filth and gore at the end do ease the pain a little, but do little to elevate the movie. It's better to just skip this one.

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn poster

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

by Jim Hosking

Not quite sure what I just watched, but I definitely liked it. Hosking's style is a weird mix of David Lynch, the Farrelly Brothers and Wes Anderson. If that makes no sense, be warned that this film doesn't either. But it's crazy fun and hilarious from start to finish, so it's all good really. A superb comedy, but not for everyone.

The House That Jack Built poster

The House That Jack Built

by Lars von Trier

The latest Lars von Trier is twisted, dark, sometimes shocking but also quite funny. It's a long journey into the mind of a crazy serial killer. Some of the imagery is pretty sick and if you're squeamish this probably isn't the film for you, but it's a unique film with some very impressive moments and some memorable scenes.