Bird Box poster

Bird Box

by Susanne Bier

Fine mix of horror and thriller elements. Not unlike Shyamalan's The Happening, though Bier's film is as much about the characters as it is about the events unfolding. The narrative structure is a bit forced and it could've been a bit more tense, but overall it's a nice, original take on a concept that's been beaten to death.

Kung Fu League poster

Kung Fu League

by Jeffrey Lau

Jeffrey Lau is back and he's still doing the kind of comedy that made him famous. This time around we're getting a Grandmasters parody, with 4 of Hong Kong's prime martial arts talents reuniting in the present and kicking some ass for the kid that summoned him. It's silly, it's a bit random, but it's entertaining.

Asperger's Are Us poster

Asperger's Are Us

by Alex Lehmann

Human interest doc about a group of four diagnosed Asperger boys who are going on an extended comedy tour. It adds very little to the autism docs already out there though, the boys really aren't that special (nor funny I'm afraid to say) and there's little here beyond the basic concept of the film. Poor.

The Laws of Thermodynamics poster

The Laws of Thermodynamics

by Mateo Gil

Quirky romantic comedy, featuring a young scientist who sees life through the laws of thermodynamics, applying them to the people and situations around him. It's a fun, fresh and concise film, but at times it tries a little too hard to keep everything chained to its central idea. Definitely worth a watch though.

The Scythian Lamb poster

The Scythian Lamb

by Daihachi Yoshida

Another solid Yoshida, though not quite as good as the rest of his oeuvre. Six inmates are stationed in a small seaside town as part of a rehabilitation project, it's no surprise then that people start dying soon after. The film is dry yet funny, well acted and sports an interesting soundtrack, but lacks a touch of genius.

Wildlife poster


by Paul Dano

Rarely have I seen a film that is so evenly plain. From start to finish, it's just merely okay. Decent actors, cinematography is proper, the soundtrack is not too overbearing. But not a single moment of warmth, humanity or emotion. I really expected a lot more from Dano, but he simply forgot to make a good film.

Deadful Melody poster

Deadful Melody

by Min Kan Ng

Fun but absolutely manic and crazy martial arts film. A whole bunch of people are chasing a magic lyre, cue an onslaught of high octane fights, lots of deceit and some mad special effects. The editor probably burned his fingers on this one and while the film itself isn't all that solid, it's plenty entertaining. Good stuff.

Perhaps Love poster

Perhaps Love

by Peter Chan

Peter Chan's musical is a prime example of classic and modern influences reinforcing each other. The musical numbers mimic the heydays of Hollywood musicals, but the romance, the editing and Peter Pau's cinematography lift the film way above its peers. Easily one of the best musicals I've seen so far.

Unaccompanied Minors poster

Unaccompanied Minors

by Paul Feig

A comedy squarely aimed at children. The kids are annoying, Lewis Black's performance is terrible and Feig's direction is uneventful. It's poor filler, the only fun comes from recognizing now famous actors in smaller parts and Brett Kelly reprising his Thurman Merman part from Bad Santa. That's just not enough though.

Sad Hill Unearthed poster

Sad Hill Unearthed

by Guillermo de Oliveira

I dislike Leone's westerns with a vengeance, but this doc pays proper homage to The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. A fine story about several fans who restore one of the film's pivotal settings, supplemented by some stories of protagonists and fanatics alike. Recommended, even when you don't like the film itself.