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Peter Chan flourishes when doing his classier version of big budget genre cinema, but most of his films are more modest dramas. Whatever you prefer, Chan is probably a good place to start for people interested in Hong Kong cinema.

The good stuff

Perhaps Love

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Ru Guo · Ai
2005 / 107m - Hong Kong
Romance, Musical
Perhaps Love poster

Peter Chan's musical is a prime example of classic and modern influences reinforcing each other. The musical numbers mimic the heydays of Hollywood musicals, but the romance, the editing and Peter Pau's cinematography lift the film way above its peers. Easily one of the best musicals I've seen so far.

The Warlords

by Wai Man Yip, Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Tau Ming Chong
2007 / 126m - China
Drama, War
The Warlords poster

Warlords is an awesome film about three beardy men with balls taking their little army to conquer nations, but failing to keep in control over their own friendship.


by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Wu Xia
2011 / 114m - Hong Kong
Swordsmen poster

Chan's attempt is definitely a good start, sporting high production values, a classy and stylish atmosphere and a strong mix of varied genre elements.


by Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Jee-woon Kim, Nonzee Nimibutr
San Geng
2002 / 140m - Hong Kong
Horror, Mystery
Three poster

The inoffensive


by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Duo Guan
2020 / 135m - China
Leap poster

Peter Chan's latest film is part sports feel-good, part Chinese propaganda. It's a little disappointing to see that's the direction he's been going in lately, then again he's hardly the only director who has chosen this path. For what it's worth though, considering the sentimental mess Leap could've been, it's not all that bad.

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The film focuses on China's women volleyball team, more particularly the role Lang Ping played in its success. From being one of the players that brought them their first international success, to ending up coaching them back to former glory years later, Leap picks out the key moments in Ping's career.

Li Gong plays is a surprising choice for the lead, but she does a commendable job. The games are pretty exciting and Chan doesn't always go with the most obvious choices, but the film's underlying motives are a little too obvious and 2 hours is quite long, even though there's quite a lot of ground to cover. It's certainly not as bad as it could've been, but Peter Chan can do so much better.


by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Qin Ai De
2014 / 128m - China
Dearest poster

American Dreams in China

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Zhong Guo He Huo Ren
2013 / 112m - China
American Dreams in China poster

1:99 Shorts

by Fruit Chan, Teddy Chan, Stephen Chow, Wai-Keung Lau, Joe Ma, Alan Mak, Johnnie To, Brian Tse, Hark Tsui, Ka-Fai Wai, Mabel Cheung, Alex Law, Dante Lam, Adam Wong, Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Gordon Chan
2003 / 70m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Animation
1:99 Shorts poster

Commissioned anthology that was made to lift the spirit of Hong Kong during the SARS epidemic. The who's who of Hong Kong cinema participated, but the result is a little uneven. Not too surprising considering the exterior motives behind this anthology, and there are a couple of worthwhile entries, but overall it's probably best to lower your expectations when watching this.

Worthy but flawed

Comrades: Almost a Love Story

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Tian Mi Mi
1996 / 118m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Comrades: Almost a Love Story poster

Tom, Dick and Hairy

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Chi-Ngai Lee
Feng Chen San Xia
1993 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Tom, Dick and Hairy poster

Not quite as good as the cast & crew may suggest. With 2 Tony Leungs in front of the camera and Peter Chan helming the film, my expectations were just a little higher, but in the end this is a decent romantic comedy with some proper laughs and passable drama. It's clearly filler material, but it's really not that bad.

Dubious filler

He's a Woman, She's a Man

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Chi Lee
Gam Chi Yuk Sip
1994 / 107m - Hong Kong
He's a Woman, She's a Man poster

Plain forgettable

Who's the Woman, Who's the Man?

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Gum Gee Yuk Yip 2
1997 / 107m - Hong Kong
Who's the Woman, Who's the Man? poster

He Ain't Heavy... He's My Father

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Xin Nan Xiong Nan Di
1993 / 97m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama
He Ain't Heavy... He's My Father poster

Alan & Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Seung Sing Gusi 
1991 / 106m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Alan & Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye poster

Big nopes

Venice 70: Future Reloaded

by Hala Abdallah, John Akomfrah, Catherine Breillat, Júlio Bressane, Rama Burshtein, Antonio Capuano, Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Isabel Coixet, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Claire Denis, Lav Diaz, Amit Dutta, Atom Egoyan, Aleksey Fedorchenko, Frédéric Fonteyne, James Franco, Lluís Galter, Haile Gerima, Aleksey German, Amos Gitai, Sang-soo Hong, Benoît Jacquot, Zhangke Jia, Semih Kaplanoglu, Abbas Kiarostami, Yorgos Lanthimos, Pablo Larraín, Tobias Lindholm, Guido Lombardi, Jazmín López, Samuel Maoz, Pietro Marcello, Brillante Mendoza, Celina Murga, Amir Naderi, Shirin Neshat, Nicolás Pereda, Franco Piavoli, Giuseppe Piccioni, Edgar Reitz, João Pedro Rodrigues, Walter Salles, Paul Schrader, Ulrich Seidl, Luca Severi, Sion Sono, Jean-Marie Straub, Tusi Tamasese, Tariq Teguia, Pablo Trapero, Athina Rachel Tsangari, Teresa Villaverde, Bing Wang, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Andrew Wonder, Yonfan, Krzysztof Zanussi, Karim Aïnouz, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jan Cvitkovic, Davide Ferrario, Monte Hellman, Marlen Khutsiev, Milcho Manchevski, Franco Maresco, Salvatore Mereu, Ermanno Olmi, Michele Placido, Todd Solondz, Shekhar Kapur, Heeraz Marfatia, Ki-duk Kim, Shinya Tsukamoto
2013 / 120m - USA
Venice 70: Future Reloaded poster