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South Korea - 59 years old
R.I.P. (1960 - 2020)
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The ultimate black sheep of South-Korean cinema. Kim's dramas are raw, confrontational and personal, but never without heart. While his oeuvre is quite consistent, a rough, personal breakdown has spliced it into two very distinctive parts.

Rare treats


by Ki-duk Kim
2013 / 90m - South Korea
Moebius poster

I experienced Moebius as an extremely intense drama, a strict downwards spiral invoked by a family acting purely on their urges and instincts.


by Ki-duk Kim
2007 / 84m - South Korea
Breath poster

A truly awesome film. Breath may not really my preferred kind of cinema and because of that Ki-duk's accomplishment is all the more impressive, for making me love this film and its characters.


by Ki-duk Kim
2004 / 88m - South Korea
3-Iron poster

3-Iron is a silent journey, following two characters who don't talk to each other directly, but understand each other's feelings all too well. To be a witness to that feels like something special.

The Bow

by Ki-duk Kim
2005 / 90m - South Korea
The Bow poster

The Bow is a pretty logical evolution in Ki-duk's career. It includes many of the themes and stylistic choices from his older films while still lacking the slick execution of his newer ones.


by Ki-duk Kim
2008 / 95m - South Korea
Dream poster

Since Bin-Jip, only Shi Gan was a small disappointment. Apart from that one, Ki-duk seems to be on a roll with a string of near-masterpieces almost uncontested by any other director.


by Ki-duk Kim
2012 / 104m - South Korea
Pieta poster

Pieta is a pretty complete package. The film looks great, has a superb soundtrack, two extremely impressive leads and a boatload of symbolism for those who enjoy that kind of thing.

The good stuff

Human, Space, Time and Human

by Ki-duk Kim
Inkan, Gongkan, Sikan Grigo Inkan
2018 / 122m - South Korea
Human, Space, Time and Human poster

Kim Ki-duk reinventing himself. Human, Space, Time and Human isn't a typical character drama, instead it's a violent allegory not quite unlike Aronofsky's Mother! Raw, unflinching and dark, but also intriguing, powerful and one of a kind. No doubt one of his most divisive films, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

by Ki-duk Kim
Bom Yeoreum Gaeul Gyeoul Geurigo Bom
2003 / 103m - South Korea
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring poster

One of Ki-duk's most accessible works. The film is devoid of his usual misanthropy and is presented as a peaceful, meditative experience. A stunning setting, a subtle but majestic score and easily relatable themes ease you in and make this a pleasant watch. The film does not eschew the darker corners of human behavior, but handles them with dignity and respect. Recommended for people who want to get acquainted with Ki-duk's oeuvre.

The Isle

by Ki-duk Kim
2000 / 90m - South Korea
The Isle poster

Ki-duk's breakthrough film may have aged gracefully, it has aged nonetheless. While not his best work, the intrigue and poetry mixed with ruthless characters and dark emotions would come to define the rest of his career, and that appeal is still very much there. The Isle is the perfect introduction for those who want to dig into Ki-duk's oeuvre.

Samaritan Girl

by Ki-duk Kim
2004 / 95m - South Korea
Samaritan Girl poster

Vintage Ki-duk. That means a mature and warm drama with some raw and dark edges and a healthy dose of non-verbal communication. The acting is superb, the plot is intriguing and the soundtrack on point. Not Ki-duk's most visually impressive film, but apart from that an amazing film that is equal amounts of warm drama and punch in the gut.


by Ki-duk Kim
Shi Gan
2006 / 97m - South Korea
Time poster

Address Unknown

by Ki-duk Kim
Suchwiin Bulmyeong
2001 / 117m - South Korea
Address Unknown poster

Wild Animals

by Ki-duk Kim
Yasaeng Dongmul Bohoguyeog
1996 / 105m - South Korea
Wild Animals poster

Solid pieces

The Net

by Ki-duk Kim
2016 / 114m - South Korea
The Net poster

Ki-duk takes on both Koreas. And of course he doesn't pull any punches, but that's par for the course. There's slightly less attention for the characters, instead Ki-duk has a point to drive home, which at times stands in the way of the drama. But he's a skilled director and there's plenty to like here, though it doesn't quite compare with his best work.

One on One

by Ki-duk Kim
2014 / 122m - South Korea
One on One poster

One of Ki-duk's harder to find films. Like most of his post Arirang work, One on One is quite violent and dark, though never gratuitous or without a more contemplative side. I appreciate both eras in Ki-duk's oeuvre, the reason why this one didn't pan out to be a full-on favorite is because of its narrative focus and its somewhat repetitive nature.

A group of vigilantes is hunting down soldiers who were involved in the execution of a young woman. They followed orders, but it's clear they were saving someone's hide rather than act to protect the country. The vigilantes want every soldier to sign a confession, and they want to find out who gave the order for the kill.

There's quite a few soldiers to go through though and the crux of the film is revealed early on, so after a while the torture scenes do get a little repetitive. They also take time away from the character development, which is probably why the ending was as intense as it was supposed to be. It's still an interesting film with more than enough to chew on, it just isn't quite up to Ki-duk's usual standard.


by Ki-duk Kim
2011 / 100m - South Korea
Arirang poster

The Coast Guard

by Ki-duk Kim
Hae Anseon
2002 / 91m - South Korea
The Coast Guard poster

Bad Guy

by Ki-duk Kim
Nabbeun Namja
2001 / 100m - South Korea
Bad Guy poster

Strong and enigmatic drama, but not quite as overpowering as the last time I watched it. The actors do a great job and the characters are intriguing, but the score isn't as effective and visually it's a bit dim. Definitely not a bad film and there are some superb scenes here, but overall not the masterpiece I remembered it to be.

Real Fiction

by Ki-duk Kim
Shilje Sanghwang
2000 / 69m - South Korea
Real Fiction poster

Birdcage Inn

by Ki-duk Kim
Paran Daemun
1998 / 105m - South Korea
Birdcage Inn poster

The inoffensive


by Ki-duk Kim
2011 / 72m - South Korea
Amen poster


by Ki-duk Kim
1996 / 102m - South Korea
Crocodile poster

Big nopes

Venice 70: Future Reloaded

by Hala Abdallah, John Akomfrah, Catherine Breillat, Júlio Bressane, Rama Burshtein, Antonio Capuano, Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Isabel Coixet, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Claire Denis, Lav Diaz, Amit Dutta, Atom Egoyan, Aleksey Fedorchenko, Frédéric Fonteyne, James Franco, Lluís Galter, Haile Gerima, Aleksey German, Amos Gitai, Sang-soo Hong, Benoît Jacquot, Zhangke Jia, Semih Kaplanoglu, Abbas Kiarostami, Yorgos Lanthimos, Pablo Larraín, Tobias Lindholm, Guido Lombardi, Jazmín López, Samuel Maoz, Pietro Marcello, Brillante Mendoza, Celina Murga, Amir Naderi, Shirin Neshat, Nicolás Pereda, Franco Piavoli, Giuseppe Piccioni, Edgar Reitz, João Pedro Rodrigues, Walter Salles, Paul Schrader, Ulrich Seidl, Luca Severi, Sion Sono, Jean-Marie Straub, Tusi Tamasese, Tariq Teguia, Pablo Trapero, Athina Rachel Tsangari, Teresa Villaverde, Bing Wang, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Andrew Wonder, Yonfan, Krzysztof Zanussi, Karim Aïnouz, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jan Cvitkovic, Davide Ferrario, Monte Hellman, Marlen Khutsiev, Milcho Manchevski, Franco Maresco, Salvatore Mereu, Ermanno Olmi, Michele Placido, Todd Solondz, Shekhar Kapur, Heeraz Marfatia, Ki-duk Kim, Shinya Tsukamoto
2013 / 120m - USA
Venice 70: Future Reloaded poster