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Flamboyant and colorful director who is probably Hong Kong cinema's most visible LGBTQ+ representative. His earlier films are pretty basic, straight-forward romances, his later work talks more openly about sexuality and gender identity.

The good stuff

Peony Pavillion

by Yonfan
Youyuan Jingmeng
2001 / 120m - Hong Kong
Peony Pavillion poster

Solid pieces

No.7 Cherry Lane

by Yonfan
Ji Yuan Tai Qi Hao
2019 / 125m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance, Animation
No.7 Cherry Lane poster

It's quite surprising to see Yonfan go the animation route. China is slowly exploring the possibilities of the medium, but so far it has stayed away from the more mature options. Yonfan is someone who likes to break no ground of course, but it's not easy for a live-action director to simply jump in and direct an animated film. That said, Yonfan did pretty well here.

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Ziming is an undergrad in English literature, who is hired by Mrs Yu to tutor her daughter. He is a handsome man and both women develop romantic feelings for him. Ziming certainly doesn't mind, taking them on separate dates to go and see movies that bring out their innermost feelings.

Yonfan is ambitious here. The film reflects on Hong Kong during the 60s, works in a love triangle and tackles a bunch of classic cinema in the process (not unlike Millennium Actress). The animation is a bit limited, but the art style is pleasant and the music very stylish. The film is a bit too meandering at times, but Yonfan never loses grip and delivers a beautiful and complex film.

Colour Blossoms

by Yonfan
Toh Sik
2004 / 106m - Hong Kong
Colour Blossoms poster

Worthy but flawed

Bishonen... Beauty

by Yonfan
Meishaonian Zhi Lian
1998 / 111m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Bishonen... Beauty poster

Bugis Street

by Yonfan
Yao Jie Huang Hou
1995 / 101m - Singapore
Bugis Street poster

In Between

by Sylvia Chang, Leung Chun 'Samson' Chiu, Yonfan
Xin Tong Ju Shi Dai
1994 / 105m - Taiwan
Comedy, Drama, Romance
In Between poster

Three stories about modern relationships, that is, what was considered modern in 90s Hong Kong. Each short has its purpose and the quality between them is pretty consistent. Sadly it doesn't offer any of the creative freedoms you'd expect from an anthology. The result is a bit mediocre.

Last Romance

by Yonfan
Liu Jin Sui Yue
1988 / 105m - Hong Kong
Last Romance poster

Double Fixation

by Yonfan
Yi Luan Qing Mi
1987 / 96m - Hong Kong
Romance, Thriller
Double Fixation poster

Like many of Yonfan's older films, pretty decent and well-made (especially for an 80s HK film), but ultimately a bit too plain. Jacky Cheung puts in a mediocre performance and Cherie Chung can't save what's essentially a pretty standard crime flick with some misguided comedy in between.

Immortal Story

by Yonfan
Hoi Seung Fa
1986 / 95m - Hong Kong
Immortal Story poster

Dubious filler

Lost Romance

by Yonfan
Mei Gui Di Gu Shi
1985 / 92m - Hong Kong
Lost Romance poster

Plain forgettable

Promising Miss Bowie

by Yonfan
Zhu Fu
1990 / 90m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Promising Miss Bowie poster

A rather lifeless and ill-conceived romance. The drama has no impact, the actors can't bring their characters to life and the direction feels overdone. Yonfan had a rather rough start, this film is simply more proof of that. I guess one might appreciate the attempt to do more serious drama in Hong Kong, but the film itself is pretty dull.

Big nopes

Venice 70: Future Reloaded

by Hala Abdallah, John Akomfrah, Catherine Breillat, Júlio Bressane, Rama Burshtein, Antonio Capuano, Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Isabel Coixet, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Claire Denis, Lav Diaz, Amit Dutta, Atom Egoyan, Aleksey Fedorchenko, Frédéric Fonteyne, James Franco, Lluís Galter, Haile Gerima, Aleksey German, Amos Gitai, Sang-soo Hong, Benoît Jacquot, Zhangke Jia, Semih Kaplanoglu, Abbas Kiarostami, Yorgos Lanthimos, Pablo Larraín, Tobias Lindholm, Guido Lombardi, Jazmín López, Samuel Maoz, Pietro Marcello, Brillante Mendoza, Celina Murga, Amir Naderi, Shirin Neshat, Nicolás Pereda, Franco Piavoli, Giuseppe Piccioni, Edgar Reitz, João Pedro Rodrigues, Walter Salles, Paul Schrader, Ulrich Seidl, Luca Severi, Sion Sono, Jean-Marie Straub, Tusi Tamasese, Tariq Teguia, Pablo Trapero, Athina Rachel Tsangari, Teresa Villaverde, Bing Wang, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Andrew Wonder, Yonfan, Krzysztof Zanussi, Karim Aïnouz, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jan Cvitkovic, Davide Ferrario, Monte Hellman, Marlen Khutsiev, Milcho Manchevski, Franco Maresco, Salvatore Mereu, Ermanno Olmi, Michele Placido, Todd Solondz, Shekhar Kapur, Heeraz Marfatia, Ki-duk Kim, Shinya Tsukamoto
2013 / 120m - USA
Venice 70: Future Reloaded poster

A Certain Romance

by Yonfan
Shao Nu Ri Ji
1984 / 87m - Hong Kong
A Certain Romance poster