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Gordon Chan is definitely on the commercial side of Hong Kong cinema, but he has a firm grip on Hong Kong's movie machine and knows how to turn these vehicles into highly amusing filler. Solid oeuvre if you're in the mood for something lighter.


Tales From The Dark 2 turned out to be a neat surprise.

God of War

Dang Kou Feng Yun
2017 / 128m - China
God of War poster

The Four 2

Si Da Ming Bu II
2013 / 118m - Hong Kong
Action, Adventure
The Four 2 poster

The Four

Si Da Ming Bu
2012 / 118m - China
Fantasy, Action, Crime
The Four poster

Undercover Hidden Dragon

Ji Jern Mo Lai
2006 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Undercover Hidden Dragon poster

Beast Cops

Yeshou Xingjing
1998 / 110m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Beast Cops poster

King of Beggars

Mo Jong Yuen So Hak-Yi
1992 / 101m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Action
King of Beggars poster

Faces in the Crowd

Bao Feng
2023 / 103m - China
Faces in the Crowd poster

Like many of his compatriots, Gordon Chan moved to China to make films for sizable budgets, but with only a sliver of their former appeal. Faces in the Crowd is a very generic crime/war flick that has a few decent action scenes but otherwise fails to stand out in any meaningful way.

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In the 30s, there was a growing conflict between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. A mysterious station becomes the primary focus of Wang Li Wen, who reunites with his sworn brother to find out the secret behind the station. Even though they're working towards a common goal, the trust between both men is fragile.

There are some solid action scenes and the setting is aptly recreated, but that's about the gist of it. The crime elements are poorly realized, the performances aren't that great and there's too much dialogue, which messes up the pacing. It's not bad, but this type of film has been done so much better in the past.

The Four: Final Battle

Si Da Ming Bu 3
2014 / 106m - Hong Kong
The Four: Final Battle poster

Painted Skin

Hua Pi
2008 / 103m - China
Fantasy, Action, Thriller
Painted Skin poster

Commissioned anthology that was made to lift the spirit of Hong Kong during the SARS epidemic. The who's who of Hong Kong cinema participated, but the result is a little uneven. Not too surprising considering the exterior motives behind this anthology, and there are a couple of worthwhile entries, but overall it's probably best to lower your expectations when watching this.

Cat and Mouse

Liu Sue Oi Seung Mau
2003 / 92m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Action
Cat and Mouse poster

Okinawa Rendez-Vous

Luen Chin Chung Sing
2000 / 100m - Hong Kong
Romance, Crime
Okinawa Rendez-Vous poster

Fight Back to School

Tao Xue Wei Long
1991 / 100m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Crime
Fight Back to School poster


Hua Bi
2011 / 100m - China
Mural poster

2000 AD

Gong Yuan 2000 AD
2000 / 109m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller
2000 AD poster


Tin Dei Hung Sam
1997 / 117m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Armageddon poster


Pik Lik Foh
1995 / 110m - Hong Kong
Action, Sport
Thunderbolt poster

Fist of Legend

Jing Wu Jing Xiong
1994 / 103m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action, Thriller
Fist of Legend poster

The Final Option

Fei Hu Xiong Xin
1994 / 103m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
The Final Option poster

Fight Back to School II

Tao Xue Wei Long 2
1992 / 106m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Crime
Fight Back to School II poster

The Medallion

2003 / 88m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy, Action
The Medallion poster

The First Option

Fei Hu
1996 / 90m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action
The First Option poster

Long and Winding Road

Jin Xiu Qian Cheng
1994 / 104m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama
Long and Winding Road poster

Game Boy Kids

Ji Boy Xiao Zi: Zhen Jia Wai Long
1992 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Game Boy Kids poster

Brief Encounter in Shinjuku

Cuo Zai Xin Xiu
1990 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Brief Encounter in Shinjuku poster

Diary of a Small Man

Siu Nam Yan Chow Gei
1988 / 93m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama
Diary of a Small Man poster

One of Gordon Chan's earliest films. It's a pretty basic comedy, like so many in the Hong Kong film industry Chan learned the chops by producing generic genre films and mimicking others. The blend of drama and comedy doesn't work too well, but at least there are some moments that show potential. Fans only.

Mr. 3 Minutes

Saam Fun Chung Sin Saan
2006 / 93m - Hong Kong
Mr. 3 Minutes poster

A-1 Headline

A1 Tou Tiao
2004 / 95m - Hong Kong
A-1 Headline poster

The King of Fighters

2010 / 93m - USA
Sci-fi, Action, Thriller
The King of Fighters poster