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Second-tier Hong Kong director who has made plenty of films in the shadow of bigger names, but worked up a surprisingly solid oeuvre nonetheless. If you're looking to dig deeper into Hong Kong's commercial output, Yip's work is a good place to start.



2007 / 85m - Hong Kong
Sci-fi, Fantasy
Fate poster

Wai Man Yip succeeds in creating something that feels very fresh and unique, looks great and leaves something mysterious behind.

The Warlords

Tau Ming Chong
2007 / 126m - China
Drama, War
The Warlords poster

Warlords is an awesome film about three beardy men with balls taking their little army to conquer nations, but failing to keep in control over their own friendship.

Cook Up a Storm

Jue Zhan Shi Shen
2017 / 97m - China
Cook Up a Storm poster

Phantom of the Theatre

Mo Gong Mei Ying
2016 / 103m - China
Fantasy, Horror
Phantom of the Theatre poster

The House That Never Dies

Jing Cheng 81 Hao
2014 / 90m - China
Romance, Horror
The House That Never Dies poster

A Chinese horror story based on a purportedly real-world haunted house. The film became quite the success in Mainland China, so much in fact that the owners of the property had to guard the house because it attracted tourists from all over the place. And sure enough, Raymond Yip delivered a very capable horror film.

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Xu Ruoqing, a writer, moves into her ancestral house together with her husband. It's a beautiful French Baroque-style mansion, but it houses a dark history. It doesn't take long before ghostly apparitions haunt the family, but Xu's husband is so busy trying to save his business that he pays no heed to his wife's suspicions.

The film isn't terribly original or scary, but the lush cinematography and beautiful imagery kept me captivated from start to finish. Performances are good, the score is capable and though predictable, the plot is solid. It's a polished and capable horror film, prime filler if you're thirsty for a good haunted house flick.

Bruce Lee, My Brother

Bruce Lee
2010 / 129m - Hong Kong
Bruce Lee, My Brother poster

Portland Street Blues

Goo Waak Chai Ching Yee Pin Ji Hung Hing Sap Saam Mooi
1998 / 114m - Hong Kong
Portland Street Blues poster

Iceman: The Time Traveller

Bing Feng: Yong Heng Zhi Men
2018 / 104m - China
Comedy, Sci-fi, Action
Iceman: The Time Traveller poster

Decent sequel to Law's Iceman. Donnie Yen reprises his role while this follow-up turns things upside down, warping the Ming warriors back to their own time in order to alter history. Some decent action scenes, some doubty CG, no time to get bored. It's not a bad film, but Wai Main Yip can do a lot better.

Lost on Journey

Ren Zai Jiong Tu
2010 / 91m - China
Lost on Journey poster

Those Were the Days...

Yau Ching Sui Yuet Saan Gai Goo Si
2000 / 103m - Hong Kong
Romance, Crime
Those Were the Days... poster

Sixty Million Dollar Man

Baak Bin Sing Gwan
1995 / 92m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Sci-fi, Action
Sixty Million Dollar Man poster

Zany Hong Kong comedy. Not too surprising with Jing Wong and Stephen Chow joining forces. Wong is one of Hong Kong's weirdest commercial directors, Chow the undisputed king of comedy. Sixty Million Dollar Man may not be masterpiece material, it's still a highly enjoyable film.

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The plot it completely nonsensical. It revolves around Sing, a wealthy jerk who wastes his time making fun of others. His luck runs out when he dates the wife of a Yakuza boss, who leaves him for dead. Sing is saved by a wacky professor, who gives him the power to transform into pretty much everything he wants to.

If that isn't the perfect premise for a little goofy comedy, I don't know what is. Chow does very well, there are plenty of visual jokes (seeing Chow as a tube of toothpaste can only be described as memorable) and the slick pacing makes sure there's not a dull moment in sight. It's a shame the direction is a little cheap, otherwise this could've been a real classic.

Women from Mars

Dong Laam Yan Bin Shing Lui Yan
2002 / 100m - Hong Kong
Women from Mars poster

A film that looks delightfully wacky on paper, but is in fact pretty simple, basic genre entertainment. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but the film is a bit too glossy and forgettable to leave a strong impression. Of course, Lau is one of those directors who learned the trade while making films, so consider this a simple exercise for better films to come.

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Three womanizers return home defeated. While taking the bus, they are kidnapped and brought to hell for their sins. Sadly, hell is quite full and there is.o place for them, so they are sent back to Earth. Only this time they have to go through life as women, and they'll be subjected to the same nasty tricks they've been pulling for years. Only by finding true love will their curse be reverted.

It's a rather messy film that constantly switches between tone and genre. Lau is pretty good at that, but it does make it hard to care much about any of it. Ekin Cheng isn't the best man to lead a comedy like this, the rest of the cast isn't strong enough to cover for him. It's still decent genre fluff, but not a very notable film in Lau's oeuvre.

Till Death Do Us Laugh

Guai Tan Xie Hui
1996 / 90m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Horror - Anthology
Till Death Do Us Laugh poster

Bump In The Road

Yi Lu Shun Feng
2013 / 95m - China
Bump In The Road poster

Anna in Kung-Fu Land

On Loh Yue Miu Lam
2003 / 97m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Action
Anna in Kung-Fu Land poster

My Dream Girl

Pao Zhi Nu Peng You
2003 / 91m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
My Dream Girl poster

Beauty and the Breast

Fung Hung Bei Cup
2002 / 92m - Hong Kong
Beauty and the Breast poster

For Bad Boys Only

Bad Boy Dak Gung
2000 / 105m - Hong Kong
Sci-fi, Action
For Bad Boys Only poster

Whatever You Want

Zhu Guang Bao Qi
1994 / 97m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Whatever You Want poster

Here we find Jing Wong joining forces with Wai-Man Yip to deliver a run-of-the-mill romcom slash Aladdin rip-off. The film screams quick filler and that's exactly what you're getting here. Even then there are some funny bits that betray Wong's talent, though I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble for most.

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Ko doesn't have the easiest life, but she gets a lucky break when she finds a magic pearl. The pearl has a genie inside, who grants Ko three wishes. If the story sounds slightly familiar it's because Wong doesn't even try to hide his inspiration, but at least it's a decent enough premise for some HK romance.

The performances aren't terrible and Jing Wong cracks a couple of nice jokes at his own expense, other than that this film is pretty bland. The cinematography is cheap and unpolished, there are too many gags that don't land and it's so forgettable that you'll have forgotten all about it by the next day. Simple filler.

I'm Your Birthday Cake!

Bu Dao De De Li Wu
1995 / 94m - Hong Kong
I'm Your Birthday Cake! poster