Also known as
Zhu Guang Bao Qi
Hong Kong [1994] - 97m
Comedy, Romance
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November 12, 2011


Here we find Jing Wong joining forces with Wai-Man Yip to deliver a run-of-the-mill romcom slash Aladdin rip-off. The film screams quick filler and that's exactly what you're getting here. Even then there are some funny bits that betray Wong's talent, though I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble for most.

Ko doesn't have the easiest life, but she gets a lucky break when she finds a magic pearl. The pearl has a genie inside, who grants Ko three wishes. If the story sounds slightly familiar it's because Wong doesn't even try to hide his inspiration, but at least it's a decent enough premise for some HK romance.

The performances aren't terrible and Jing Wong cracks a couple of nice jokes at his own expense, other than that this film is pretty bland. The cinematography is cheap and unpolished, there are too many gags that don't land and it's so forgettable that you'll have forgotten all about it by the next day. Simple filler.

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