2019 / 90m - UK
Thriller, Adventure
47 Meters Down: Uncaged poster


March 25, 2021


Solid shark fun. This is one of those films that demand you shut off your brain before you can properly enjoy the film. Start wondering about probability and you can tear the film to shreds faster than the sharks eat their prey. On the other hand, accept the nonsense and you'll find a pretty fun and tense film here.

The setting's a little different, as we find ourselves in some underwater caves in Mexico. A couple of friends decide to go on a little adventure, what they don't know is that the caves are the inhabited by a family of blind sharks. With limited air, no sense of direction and big, man-eating sharks swimming around the caves it sure won't be easy to get out alive.

The sharks and caves have somewhat variable dimensions, characters only die at the whim of the writers and there's a succession of perils that merely seem to exist to drag out the runtime. But the performances are decent, the cinematography is nice and there are some pretty good scares. If you're looking for pure entertainment, this film has you covered.