2017 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Crime
68 Kill poster


April 27, 2021


A brave attempt to make an edgy dark comedy, even though the film isn't quite as zany as it tries to be. Haaga struggles with the structure of the film and tries to hold back for too long, possibly because the finale isn't quite as over-the-top as it should've been. That said, there's quite a bit to like here.

Chip is a well-meaning guy who keeps falling for the wrong women. Liza, his somewhat deranged girlfriend, has him on a short leash and convinces Chip they need to rob one of Liza's clients to finally get ahead in life. Chip reluctantly agrees, but finds himself way in over his head when Liza kills the couple in cold blood.

The presentation is pretty decent, the actors are well in on the joke and the introduction/finale deliver. The problem is the middle part, where Haaga fails to build up to a crescendo. The entire segment with Violet probably should've been cut (though through no fault of Boe, who plays her part well). Still, decent, fun and entertaining filler, just not as mad as it pretends to be.