USA [2000] - 123m
Sci-fi, Thriller
Directed by
Roger Spottiswoode
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July 16, 2020


A mediocre sci-fi thriller that deploys Schwarzenegger as if he had landed in a regular 80s action flick. The tone of the film is a bit messy and the action, sci-fi and thriller elements don't really work very well together, but separately there are some decent scenes that at least kept me interested.

Schwarzenegger is Schwarzenegger. He's a bulky dude that can't act very well, but he has presence and charm. He's a great action hero, but as a family man who has to discover the truth about a clone that has taken over his life, he inevitably struggles. His casting makes about as much sense as Bullock's casting in The Net.

The 6th Day is not a very good film, but at least the pacing is decent and there are some solid action scenes. Even though it's almost two hours long, it doesn't drag or get boring. It's just a shame they didn't put a little more effort into the sci-fi elements, because the setup was interesting enough. Spottiswoode just isn't a good enough director to do something nice with it.