USA [2021] - 93m
Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Directed by
Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon, Laura Brousseau
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June 08, 2022


Even worse than the first one. I don't even know anymore what they're trying to do with this franchise. The plot is completely inane, the dark humor has all but gone, the soundtrack is a collection of ill-fitting pop songs and the characters are only a shimmer of their former selves.

Wednesday feels like an outcast, Gomez makes an extra effort to get closer to his daughter and organizes a family vacation. Things get trickier when a man shows up claiming that Wednesday was swapped at birth. These stories begin to converge, but they never really manage to become a coherent whole.

I quite like The Addams Family, the classic Gothic vibe and the dark comedy are key elements of the appeal, but they're completely gone. Instead, you get a very random US animation with horrible characters, bland comedy and a laughable soundtrack. People deserve to get fired over this.

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