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Sausage Party

2016 / 89m - USA
Comedy - Animation
Sausage Party poster

The Addams Family

2019 / 86m - USA
Comedy - Animation
The Addams Family poster

Unsightly animated remake of the classic comedy series. Some of the characters are decently adapted (like Wednesday and Lurch), but the comedy is painfully unfunny and the art style looks incredibly cheap. The whole thing feels utterly pointless, some weird attempt at a cash grab that will hopefully be soon forgotten.

The Addams Family 2

2021 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Adventure - Animation
The Addams Family 2 poster

Even worse than the first one. I don't even know anymore what they're trying to do with this franchise. The plot is completely inane, the dark humor has all but gone, the soundtrack is a collection of ill-fitting pop songs and the characters are only a shimmer of their former selves.

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Wednesday feels like an outcast, Gomez makes an extra effort to get closer to his daughter and organizes a family vacation. Things get trickier when a man shows up claiming that Wednesday was swapped at birth. These stories begin to converge, but they never really manage to become a coherent whole.

I quite like The Addams Family, the classic Gothic vibe and the dark comedy are key elements of the appeal, but they're completely gone. Instead, you get a very random US animation with horrible characters, bland comedy and a laughable soundtrack. People deserve to get fired over this.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted poster

Monsters vs. Aliens

2009 / 94m - USA
Comedy, Sci-fi - Animation
Monsters vs. Aliens poster

My goodness. I'm not a big Pixar fan, but I can see why they're generally considered the pinnacle of US CG animation: the competition is simply that much worse. Monsters vs. Aliens is supposed to be a comedy, but the jokes are so painfully bad that it feels disrespectful to other comedies to even call it that.

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These films also don't age very well. Monsters vs. Aliens is a decade old and looks cheap. Ugly character designs, poor detail and generic camera work make for an unappealing-looking film. That the problem with films that hope to get by on technical chops alone, you really need aesthetics if you want to last.

But it's the atrocious and desperate attempts to be funny that completely ruin this film. The comedy is mostly just loud. The jokes are very predictable and the running gags are annoying, adding insult to injury. 90 minutes doesn't sound very long, but when every single minute of it is painful to watch, it's pretty damn excruciating.

Shrek 2

2004 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy - Animation
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