Arî Kyatto
2017 / 129m - Japan
Alley Cat poster


April 23, 2022


A pretty cool crime flick. Alley Cat mixes in some drama and dry/quirky comedy, but the core of the film is a simple but fun crime tale that centers around a gang of kooky characters who get in well over their head. Though a bit long in the tooth, the film never really drags or slows down unnecessarily.

When a retired boxer's cat goes missing, he encounters a young punk who wants to befriend him. The two don't really get along, but when the punk helps him out with his part-time job, protecting a woman from a stalker, they do grow closer. The woman starts hanging out with them, she too has some secrets in her past that are coming back to haunt her.

The actors do a pretty good job, the pacing is pleasant, the comedy is fun without taking away from the crime story and the conclusion is satisfactory. If Sakaki's signature had been a tiny bit stronger, this might have turned out a personal favorite, but fans of Japanese crime/comedy should definitely give it a go.