2015 / 92m - USA
Comedy, Music
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip poster


July 13, 2020


The fourth and (hopefully) final part in this dreadful franchise. Not much effort went into this one either and it's clear we've finally hit rock bottom. Some tired old plot about a looming marriage and two sets of "kids" who don't like the prospect of living together. They devise a plan to stop the wedding, but of course lots of things go wrong.

This is basically a road movie, because "road chip" was a pun they hadn't used yet. At least it allows for some change in scenery and characters, but it doesn't really help when everyone they meet up with is terribly annoying, including some haphazard bad guy who mistakes bad acting for comedy.

I won't spoil the ending (hah), but it's safe to say there aren't many surprises here. There's no growth in the characters, the pop music is still hideous and the chipmunks simply aren't funny. Might be good if you want to add to your kids ADD or when you're completely out of sugar, but as a film it's extremely dire.