UK [2013] - 88m
Directed by
Andrew Jones
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The Amityville Asylum poster


January 29, 2021


Cheaper than cheap. The Amityville Asylum has little to do with the Amityville franchise, it's just a film about a mental asylum that tries to lure a few extra viewers by referencing a famous brand. I guess it helped as I ended up watching the film, but the result is even poorer than most films in the actual franchise (and that's a pretty low bar).

So they tore the Amityville house down and put an asylum in its place. Lisa gets hired as a cleaner, but soon enough her job starts to take a serious toll on her mental health. The caretakers mistreat the patients, see sees apparitions and the ward with the criminally insane is a vile place to clean. Cue a sinister plot.

The film is just really amateurish. Performances are crap, the sound mix is hilarious (with much of the music fully drowning out the dialogues) and the cinematography is substandard. Some moments are moody, but they're completely overshadowed by the poor execution elsewhere. A bland and cheap attempt to cash in on a franchise that isn't very good to begin with.

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