2023 / 114m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Barbie poster


July 24, 2023


Pretty much what you'd expect from a Gerwig-directed Barbie film. The cinematography and design aren't good enough for a 100 million-dollar blockbuster film, the ideology is Instagram-deep and there are plenty of references to real-world Barbie stuff, so blatant that even non-Barbie fans will catch them.

Barbie is living her perfect life when suddenly cracks in her existence start to appear. In order to find out what is wrong, she has to leave her perfect world and travel to the real world, to mend the problems of the person who is using her as a toy. Ken joins Barbie on her quest, and that's when the problems start.

The film works best as a simple comedy, but even then the styling feels unfinished and lacking in creativity. Things get more embarrassing when Gerwig tries to add meaning to the film, resulting in a rather dull and painful finale. The most impressive thing about Barbie is the hype created with advertising dollars, apart from that, it's a pretty middling and forgettable film.