Lásky Jedné Plavovlásky
1965 / 88m - Czechoslovakia
Romance, Drama
A Blonde in Love poster


February 03, 2023


One of Forman's earlier films, that didn't really do it for me. Booked as part comedy, I didn't find much to laugh at here. The first half is plodding and focuses more on romance and drama, the finale is somewhat lighter in tone, but hardly to the extent that it passes as something inherently funny.

Andula is a young, impressionable girl who lives in a small country town. She's developing an interest in men, but all the young boys have been conscripted. And so a local factory manager strikes a deal with the army to send over some army reservists, sadly, they end up with some unalluring middle-aged men.

The performances are pretty wooden, the first half is pretty dreary and feels overly stretched and the finale isn't all that funny. Forman was still in the process of defining himself, A Blonde in Love has a few interesting touches, but as a whole, it feels too uneven and unbalanced to leave a positive impact.