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Man on the Moon

1999 / 118m - USA
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The People vs. Larry Flynt

1996 / 129m - USA
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A rather lively film, especially considering the amount of scenes in court. Thanks to Harrelson's spirited performance and Forman's fast-paced direction its two hour running time isn't even an issue. The real Larry Flynt was of course an ideal subject for a biopic, even so Forman more than does justice to this peculiar man.

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The Firemen's Ball

Horí, Má Panenko
1967 / 73m - Czechoslovakia
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Forman's final Czechoslovakian film before he moved his career to Hollywood. It's a somewhat loud and messy comedy, quite hit-and-miss and often stretched to its limits, but thanks to the short runtime and a handful of amusing setups scattered throughout the film, it was a pretty easy watch.

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A small town thinks big when organizing its yearly firemen's ball. They want to hold a beauty contest while having the ball, but that is easier said than done, and soon enough things start going haywire. The party becomes quite unruly and the outcome is pleasantly ironic.

There's a lot of hustle and bustle, which at times is quite funny, but it can get a little annoying and grating. The performances aren't great and the score is somewhat annoying, the film does get better in the second half when the party spirals out of control. A decent enough Forman, but nothing too spectacular.


1984 / 160m - Czechoslovakia
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A Blonde in Love

Lásky Jedné Plavovlásky
1965 / 88m - Czechoslovakia
Romance, Drama
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One of Forman's earlier films, that didn't really do it for me. Booked as part comedy, I didn't find much to laugh at here. The first half is plodding and focuses more on romance and drama, the finale is somewhat lighter in tone, but hardly to the extent that it passes as something inherently funny.

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Andula is a young, impressionable girl who lives in a small country town. She's developing an interest in men, but all the young boys have been conscripted. And so a local factory manager strikes a deal with the army to send over some army reservists, sadly, they end up with some unalluring middle-aged men.

The performances are pretty wooden, the first half is pretty dreary and feels overly stretched and the finale isn't all that funny. Forman was still in the process of defining himself, A Blonde in Love has a few interesting touches, but as a whole, it feels too uneven and unbalanced to leave a positive impact.