Chimamire Sukeban Chênsô Red: Kôhen - Gîko no Kakusei
2019 / 54m - Japan
Horror, Comedy
Bloody Chainsaw Girl Returns: Giko Awakens poster


May 21, 2022


Yamaguchi continues his Bloody Chainsaw Girl franchise with another shorter entry. While these films are good fun, they aren't up there with the best in the genre, nor with the best in Yamaguchi's oeuvre, so unless he's doing it to stay afloat (and relevant), I hope he'll abandon this series in the near future.

Giko is held hostage by the school for bad conduct, but soon enough she escapes again. When one of her friends is kidnapped, Giko and her gang vow to get her back. She'll be fighting against some strange enemies, not to mention an old foe who return to take on Giko one final time.

Giko Awakens offers a nice mix of splatter and comedy. The budget is low, but Yamaguchi counters well with some zany ideas and absurd twists. If you like the Japanese splatter films you'll have a good time with this one, I just wish Yamaguchi would honor his true potential, as he's really capable of doing better than this.