2013 / 98m - USA
Blue Jasmine poster


November 22, 2021


I generally like (but rarely love) Allen's films, but for some reason he had a pretty bad spell during the mid 00s to early 10s. Blue Jasmine is part of that series of disappointing films, lacking the wit and comedy that makes his work stand out. The result is a mediocre drama that is plenty neurotic, but never funny.

Jasmine is a New York socialite who sees her cushy life go up in smoke when her relationship with her husband goes sideways. She moves to California to live with her sister, who is her polar opposite. Jasmine needs time to adapt to her new life, but when she Dwight, things are finally looking up again.

I'm not quite sure whether it is Blanchet's performance or her character that failed to keep me interested, but I just didn't care about her situation. The dialogues are rather drab, the friction with her sister feels a bit too scripted and none of the secondary characters manage to add much. There's still a bit of Allen charm left, just not enough to save the film.