Ba Guo Lian Jun
1976 / 137m - Hong Kong
Boxer Rebellion poster


December 21, 2021


No doubt one of Cheh Chang's most epic undertakings. It's not really his best film though, as the Shaw Bros style doesn't really lend itself to producing epic cinema. Their film traditionally thrive on pacing and impressive action cinematography, not elaborate characters and/or effective drama.

China is tearing at the seams and Western nations are readying themselves to increase their power in Chinese territories. Five martial artists join forces, thinking themselves untouchable by Western weapons. They inspire a group of young fighters to help them, but their first encounter with real guns is not what they'd hoped.

There are some truly impressive action scenes, it's just that there's way too much padding in between. The film is overflowing with familiar Shaw Bros faces and the quality of the production is pretty solid, but it's not good enough that it should be stretched beyond the 2-hour mark. Still, for fans of Chang's oeuvre this is a must-see.