2020 / 88m - USA
The Boy Behind the Door poster


March 13, 2023


A simple but stylish horror film. The premise couldn't be more basic, and apart from purposefully hiding the perpetrator during the first half, the directors don't attempt anything special. This is one of those films that puts everything on execution and is all the better for it. One for the core horror fans in other words.

Bobby and Kevin are best friends. One day they are kidnapped and taken to a remote house, where they are locked up. Bobby manages to escape, but he can't leave Kevin behind, so he does his best to conquer his fear and get his best friend out. Not an easy task for a scared little boy.

The build-up of the tension is superb, the cinematography is stylish and there are just enough little twists and turns to keep things interesting, even though nothing here is even remotely original. The film lacks something to truly set it apart, but if you're looking for prime horror filler, it's a very good bet.