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The inoffensive

The Djinn

2021 / 82m - USA
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A simple but amusing horror film. Charbonier and Powell make some feeble attempts to set their film apart from its peers, but in the end it's just another story about a person, locked inside a house, haunted by a demon they summoned themselves. In other words: genre cinema, where execution trumps originality.

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Dylan is a mute boy who watched his mom commit suicide. Together with his dad he moves to a new house, where he finds a mysterious book that grants wishes. Dylan believes he could've stopped his mom killing herself if only he had been able to call out to her, so he wishes to get his voice back. But the book does more than just grant wishes (hence the title of the film).

The plot is extremely basic and there are no surprises here, but the performances are solid, and the direction is on point. Good use of the soundtrack plus fine cinematography are real perks, even so the film never becomes quite as tense as it needs to be. It's a pretty fun horror film, but Charbonier will need to find a way to ramp up the tension if he wants to do better next time.