She Diao Ying Xiong Chuan San Ji
1981 / 92m - Hong Kong
The Brave Archer 3 poster


July 11, 2022


This third instalment is shorter (which is good), but not necessarily better. I know the Brave Archer is a respected series, but I never quite understood the appeal. It's quite slow, overly sentimental, and it can get very wordy. Not what the Shaw Bros studios is best known for, and with reason.

Kuo Tsing continues his journey. After beating the leader of the Iron Palm clan, he leaves the Beggars Clan behind to travel with his loved one. One of their paintings reveals a secret when it gets caught in the rain, showing the way to a hidden treasure. Kuo Tsing decides to investigate, even when it leads him into a sacred cave of the Iron Palm clan.

The fight scenes aren't that special, the plot is a little overbearing and the film feels more than a little drawn out. It's shorter than its companions, which makes it a little easier to sit through, but with so many better Shaw Bros films out there, I find these films a little hard to recommend.