Also known as
Shen Diao Xia Lu
Hong Kong [1982] - 100m
Action, Romance
Directed by
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Brave Archer 4 poster


May 26, 2016


Throughout the years, Cheh Chang tried various ways to elevate his work. Few, if any, really worked out. Chang is good at making simple and solid martial arts flicks, whatever extras are added usually do little more than detract from the core fun of his films. Point in case, this fourth entry in the Brave Archer series, which turned out to be quite mediocre indeed.

A violent gang attacks Kuo's martial arts school, killing his respected master in the process. He vows to track down whoever brought disrespect to his school, but he suddenly finds himself in a world of deceit and corruption. It's a good thing Kuo is a rather venerable martial artist himself, as he'll need all his power and skills to bring the culprits to justice.

There's quite a bit more time spent on fleshing out the plot, but that's not why I care to watch these films. There's no lack of action scenes, even so the quality is rather mediocre and though there's a wealth of familiar faces, the performances are lackluster. It's not Chang's worst film, but it does feel incredibly generic and somewhat outdated for an 80s film.

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