2009 / 80m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men poster


June 21, 2020


Not quite what I expected from Krasinski's first to be honest. I wasn't surprised to find out this was a book adaptation, as the structure felt a bit overworked and the dialogues are anything but natural, but Krasinski keeps his film on the rails rather well. At least, if you're willing to put in the effort.

The start is a little hesitant though. The comedy is subtle and elaborate, lacking clear punch lines or quick payoffs. Because there's no real introduction and the film keeps jumping between random interviews and the main story thread, it takes a while to get on board with what Krasinski is trying to do.

Performances are good and the final half hour really drives its point home, sadly the film looks a little shabby and barren and the soundtrack feels like it's made up of left-over scraps from Woody Allen's films. The presentation is a bit of a let-down, but if you sit through the struggling first half, there's a neat little film here.