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A Quiet Place Part II

2020 / 97m - USA
A Quiet Place Part II poster

A worthy sequel. I couldn't remember much from the first film beyond its premise, but since we're dealing with a pretty basic horror flick, that's hardly an issue. Part II is a direct sequel that presents a logical continuation of plot. Bigger and bolder than the first one, but it also comes with slightly different focal points.

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Now that humanity finally found a way to strike back against the creatures that invaded our planet, it's time to do some real damage. That's easier said than done, as our runaway family will have to find a working broadcast station to air the soundwaves that deter the creatures.

Krasinski makes great use of the bigger budget to his disposal. The creatures look (and sound) great, the complexity of some of the scenes is pretty high, and the cast is well above par for a horror film. There's nothing too original or surprising here, but if you're looking for prime horror filler, you can't really go wrong with this one.

A Quiet Place

2018 / 90m - USA
A Quiet Place poster

Good but not great. Everything is present to make this a standout horror film, but Krasinski fails to seal the deal. It's a series of minor failures that keeps this film from reaching greatness, but anyone looking for a solid, tense and original horror film can't go wrong with A Quiet Place.

The Hollars

2016 / 88m - USA
Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Hollars poster

Well-made dramedy. Considering the genre softer than usual, though there's no lack of drama. Krasinski keeps it light-hearted and funny, where similar films tend to get a little bitter and mean. It's not an emotional roller-coaster, nor a truly memorable piece of cinema, but it sure makes for good filler.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

2009 / 80m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men poster

Not quite what I expected from Krasinski's first to be honest. I wasn't surprised to find out this was a book adaptation, as the structure felt a bit overworked and the dialogues are anything but natural, but Krasinski keeps his film on the rails rather well. At least, if you're willing to put in the effort.

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The start is a little hesitant though. The comedy is subtle and elaborate, lacking clear punch lines or quick payoffs. Because there's no real introduction and the film keeps jumping between random interviews and the main story thread, it takes a while to get on board with what Krasinski is trying to do.

Performances are good and the final half hour really drives its point home, sadly the film looks a little shabby and barren and the soundtrack feels like it's made up of left-over scraps from Woody Allen's films. The presentation is a bit of a let-down, but if you sit through the struggling first half, there's a neat little film here.