Ônibus 174
2002 / 122m - Brazil
Documentary, Crime
Bus 174 poster


April 23, 2023


Decent, albeit cheapish documentary about a famous bus hold-up in Brazil. There's actual footage of the event, which is clearly the main selling point of this documentary. There are many interviews that try to add context, but they're too fluffy and they end up being mostly padding.

On June 12, 2000, an armed man enters a bus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and holds all the passengers hostage. What starts off as a small incident becomes a televised event, with a deadly conclusion. With the ample footage shot that day, Padilha and Lacerda set out to make a documentary.

You're getting front-row seats to the hostage situation, which is quite gripping, but the documentary built around it is not quite as interesting. You'd think that hearing from the passengers would add a lot of value, but ultimately there's just too much padding. A 90-minute film would've been better.