California Crisis: Tsuigeki no Juuka
1986 / 45m - Japan
Action, Adventure - Animation
California Crisis poster


March 30, 2023


A fun and action-packed anime. It's a tad random and more than a little unfinished (the plot really just stops halfway through, leaving a bunch of core elements completely unexplained), but the animation is solid and the art style is pretty cool. It's also an amalgam of familiar genre elements, so even though the film lacks explanations, it's not too difficult to fill in the blanks.

Noera is an aimless guy, Marcia a very carefree woman. They meet by accident when they pass each other on the freeway, only to be interrupted by a heist on a military truck. The situation spirals out of control, but they are able to leave unscathed, with a mysterious object to boot. This object puts a big target on their backs though.

The American comic book-like touches are an interesting stylistic choice, not in the least because they are part of the animation, giving the film a very detailed and lush look. The plot is trivial, simple, and unfinished, but it's a good hook for some cool action sequences. Certainly not the most memorable anime, but fun filler nonetheless.