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Solid pieces

Giovanni's Island

Jobanni no Shima
2014 / 102m - Japan
Animation, Drama
Giovanni's Island poster

Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai

Miyamoto Musashi: Sôken ni Haseru Yume
2009 / 72m - Japan
Animation, Action
Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai poster

Digital Devil Story – Goddess Reborn

Dejitaru Debiru Monogatari Megami Tensei
1987 / 45m - Japan
Animation, Fantasy, Horror
Digital Devil Story – Goddess Reborn poster

Nifty but strange mix of fantasy and horror. This film is part of a cross-media franchise, with the games still running strong. The animation is pretty decent and the soundtrack decidedly 80s. It's the art direction and some cool monster designs that lift this film above its peers. If you're a fan of 80s horror, this comes recommended.

The inoffensive

Zillion: Burning Night

Akai Kodan Zillion Utahime Yakyoku
1988 / 45m - Japan
Animation, Adventure, Sci-fi
Zillion: Burning Night poster

A bit random if you're not familiar with the franchise, but the animation and art style are pretty cool and the constant barrage of action makes for a very fun 45 minutes. The musical focus doesn't really add much (but is somewhat typical for that era) and it's hardly a landmark animation, but in the end I had a pretty good time with this one.

Dubious filler

Video Girl Ai

Denei Shoujo Ai
1992 / 174m - Japan
Animation, Comedy, Romance
Video Girl Ai poster

A decent OAV, which I liked quite a lot the first time I watched it. So many years later though, it turns out to be quite cheesy. Apart from the final episode that is, which gets all anime crazy and weird. Some decent animation here and there, a couple of fun scenes, but most of it is a little too corny and predictable for my taste.