Machikado no Meruhen
1984 / 54m - Japan
Comedy, Romance - Animation
Radio City Fantasy poster


February 09, 2023


A pretty peculiar short anime. Radio City Fantasy feels more like an animated poem than a classic narrative. It's one of those films that has virtually no plot and some very basic characters, betting everything on atmosphere. The mood is a bit too frilly and light to be entirely in my wheelhouse, but it's always nice to find something that stands out from the crowd.

Boy meets girl in a modern Japanese city. After bumping into each other, the girl carries home the boy's notebook and reads the story he has written. When they meet again, he takes her with her him into the fantasy world he created, a world that lies waiting behind the cold exterior of the city they both live in.

The art style is pretty interesting, the animation itself isn't quite as elaborate though. It's not a big surprise considering the limited appeal of a project like this, but some extra budget could've made a real difference. The score too was disappointing, a bit too poppy and cheesy for my liking. Still, it was a pretty fun, unique journey, so I'm not complaining too much.