Ba Bao Qi Bing
1989 / 98m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
They Came to Rob Hong Kong poster


February 20, 2021


I don't turn to Clarence Fok's to be blown away, but when looking for fun, under the radar filler his oeuvre does host some interesting films. I'd never heard of They Came to Rob Hong Kong before, but the cast looked promising enough and the economic runtime made it a perfect option for easy filler.

This is one of those wacky genre blends that tries to cram everything into a single film, though underneath everything is played for laughs. There are strong action and crime elements present, but if you can't stand Hong Kong's peculiar sense of humor then you're not going to get very far with this film.

With people like Eric Tsang, Sandra Kwan and Stanley Fung on board you should have a decent idea of what to expect. Fok's direction is rather basic, but there's enough silliness for a few giggles, the pacing is perfect and there are at least a handful of memorable moments. Surely not the cream of the crop, but solid entertainment nonetheless.