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Not everything Clarence Fok makes is worthy of attention, but he's capable of directing surprisingly entertaining second tier genre filler. One of those directors you turn to once you've seen all the high-profile films in a particular genre.

The inoffensive

Special ID

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Te Shu Shen Fen
2013 / 99m - China
Action, Crime
Special ID poster

Century of the Dragon

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Lung Joi Bin Yuen
1999 / 107m - Hong Kong
Century of the Dragon poster

There's certainly no lack of Hong Kong Triad films. I've seen the most prominent ones already, once in a while I find a lesser known one that has managed to escape my attention. Century of the Dragon is such a film, though considering all the talent involved I'm surprised I never noticed this one before.

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Shing is a standout trainee who is sent on an undercover mission. He has to infiltrate the Hung Hing gang and befriend Fei Lung, one of their toughest leaders. Once there he learns that Fei Lung isn't actively participating in the Triad business he tries to inform the cops of the situation, but they won't listen to Shing.

With Louis Koo and Andy Lau in the lead you know performances will be on point. Clarence Fok isn't the most gifted director, but as part of the Hong Kong genre machine he does a pretty decent job. The film's a bit long and it offers nothing you haven't seen elsewhere, but the result is pretty solid Triad filler.

Naked Killer

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Chik Loh Go Yeung
1992 / 89m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Naked Killer poster

Crying Freeman: Dragon from Russia

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Hong Chang Fei Long
1990 / 96m - Hong Kong
Crying Freeman: Dragon from Russia poster

Core entertainment. A Hong Kong live action version that ties into the Crying Freeman franchise. Expect some over the top action scenes, a dash of comedy and some romantic filler. It's a vintage Hong Kong combination that is known to work and doesn't disappoint. Definitely not the most remarkable film, but very solid filler.

They Came to Rob Hong Kong

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Ba Bao Qi Bing
1989 / 98m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
They Came to Rob Hong Kong poster

I don't turn to Clarence Fok's to be blown away, but when looking for fun, under the radar filler his oeuvre does host some interesting films. I'd never heard of They Came to Rob Hong Kong before, but the cast looked promising enough and the economic runtime made it a perfect option for easy filler.

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This is one of those wacky genre blends that tries to cram everything into a single film, though underneath everything is played for laughs. There are strong action and crime elements present, but if you can't stand Hong Kong's peculiar sense of humor then you're not going to get very far with this film.

With people like Eric Tsang, Sandra Kwan and Stanley Fung on board you should have a decent idea of what to expect. Fok's direction is rather basic, but there's enough silliness for a few giggles, the pacing is perfect and there are at least a handful of memorable moments. Surely not the cream of the crop, but solid entertainment nonetheless.

Worthy but flawed


by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Soi Yat Hei
2013 / 98m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Together poster

Based on the people involved (Clarence Fok, Donnie Yen, Angelababy) your expectations may be high, just remember that Hong Kong films really aren't that good with romance, especially not the commercial ones. Together is not a bad film, it just isn't a very good one either. Too overdone and too cheesy to work well.

Martial Angels

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Chuet Sik San Tau
2001 / 86m - Hong Kong
Martial Angels poster

Her Name Is Cat

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Pau Mui
1998 / 86m - Hong Kong
Romance, Action
Her Name Is Cat poster

Clarence Fok doing what he always does. Her Name Is Cat is bog standard Hong Kong action work, with a few raunchier scenes that are tailored to stay right below the Cat III rating. That's when you know a film is made to please a specific audience rather than chase any artistic aspirations.

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Don't expect anything great or remarkable, but within its shelf filler context the film isn't all that bad really. I'm not a big Michael Wong fan, but this is actually one of his more decent performances, the pacing is pretty solid and Fok's direction get points for trying. That's more than I'd expected.

The action scenes in particular stand out. Nicely edited, shot with the necessary flair and not lacking in numbers. In between the quality takes an expected nose dive, but it's never too cheap or cringeworthy. If you've seen all the notorious and stand out Hong Kong action flicks, this is decent filler when you need a fix.

Dubious filler

The Iceman Cometh

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Ji Dong Ji Xia
1989 / 114m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Action
The Iceman Cometh poster

Plain forgettable

On Fire

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Wan Foh
1996 / 91m - Hong Kong
On Fire poster

Some familiar faces (Man-Tat Ng and a very young Louis Koo) can't save this cheesy and juvenile comedy. The acting is well over-the-top, the situational humour isn't funny and the film looks incredibly cheap. At least it's short and upbeat, which makes it somewhat watchable, but unless you're a hardcore HK comedy fan it's probably better to stay away from this one.

The Greatest Lover

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Gong Zi Duo Qing
1988 / 115m - Hong Kong
The Greatest Lover poster

Silly but overly long 80s Hong Kong comedy. Not really Chow Yun-Fat's strong point, not really an outstanding niche to begin with. At nearly two hours long, this film really started to drag and annoy during the final 30 minutes. A fun cameo by Jing Wong and a decent performance by Eric Tsang couldn't save this one I'm afraid.

Big nopes

Dating a Vampire

by Clarence Yiu-leung Fok
Oi Seun Si Sun Leung
2006 / 87m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Horror
Dating a Vampire poster