Pau Mui
1998 / 86m - Hong Kong
Action, Romance
Her Name Is Cat poster


September 26, 2020


Clarence Fok doing what he always does. Her Name Is Cat is bog standard Hong Kong action work, with a few raunchier scenes that are tailored to stay right below the Cat III rating. That's when you know a film is made to please a specific audience rather than chase any artistic aspirations.

Don't expect anything great or remarkable, but within its shelf filler context the film isn't all that bad really. I'm not a big Michael Wong fan, but this is actually one of his more decent performances, the pacing is pretty solid and Fok's direction get points for trying. That's more than I'd expected.

The action scenes in particular stand out. Nicely edited, shot with the necessary flair and not lacking in numbers. In between the quality takes an expected nose dive, but it's never too cheap or cringeworthy. If you've seen all the notorious and stand out Hong Kong action flicks, this is decent filler when you need a fix.