Ren Zhe Wu Di
1982 / 107m - Hong Kong
Chinese Super Ninjas poster


October 08, 2015


Ninjas are some of the coolest and most cinematic fighters around, but doing them in live action has proven tricky time and time again. Somehow their crafty tricks are difficult to translate to something that impresses, a pitfall even Cheh Chang couldn't avoid. It's interesting to see him try, but the result is rather unimpressive.

A group of five ninjas murder Shao Tien-hao's brother and master, leaving him behind to fend for himself. Shao goes on a quest to find a new master, someone who can teach him some special tricks to carry out his revenge. As you can see, they didn't spend too much time on the plot, this is just regular Shaw Bros fare, only with ninjas.

The structure of the film is quite repetitive (first you see each ninja kick some martial artist ass, then Shao returns the favor and kicks each of their asses). The ninja weapons look cheap, the blood is fake, and the fights are rather dull. Not really what you want from an action film with the most enigmatic brand of fighter known to man.